Fuse corners

Video installation with 4 channels (tranferred from Super 8), fold-out standing screens.
Dimensions variable. 2015.

The Fuse corners installation is at the start a series of 4 short Super 8 sequences showing 4 different corners (i.e a theoretical space). Each corner is where two walls meet the floor, and consists of three directional lines (a wink to an early series of drawings by Sol LeWitt). These corners have been lined with explosives fuse and each sequence shows the spark from the fuse going from left to right and leaving a trail of black soot at it goes round each corner.
Transferred to video, each screen shows all four short sequences in a row, looped, but ordered so that each screen displays a dif- ferent sequence from the others at any one time. The screens are physically placed in the room so that it is impossible to see all projections at once, making the viewer also walk around the corners, chasing the spark.