XXL. Mutt

Two and three part installation, oversized chewing bone, samurai holder and mixed media with overhead projection, 2012. With blueprints, 2013 Dimensions variable.

XXL. Mutt is first an oversized comedy chew bone for dogs found in a pet supplies store. Essentially a readymade, it echoes Marcel Duchamp’s R. Mutt signature on Fountain, with mutt being the word for a dog of unknown breed in english.
The chew bone is displayed on a samurai sword holder on an improvised plinth.
As a counterpoint, an overhead projector beams an illustration of a caveman holding a bone, taken from a children’s educational book.
A series of cyanotype blueprints was developed for the installation on the occasion of the Swiss Art Awards exhibition 2013. The blueprints depict some of the cavemen that were at some point considered for the overhead projection, thereby emphasising the evolutive aspect from ready-made to prototype (or vice versa) of the project.

Images 1-2: XXL. Mutt with bone and overhead projection, dimensions variable.
image 3: detail of bone and sword holder.
Image 4-5: Installation view, Swiss art awards, Basel. 2013. and detail of XXL. Mutt (the rejects), cyanotype blueprints, various sizes.
Images 6-7: Detail overhead projection.