Turning orange

installation and performance with text and CCTV.

"Sodium fluorescein is a medical dye used in retinal angiography.
It acts as fluorescent orange/yellow marker in the blood which enables an accurate picture of the blood vessels of the back of the eyes to be taken.

Fluorescein is administrated most often by injection or eye drops. It can also be orally ingested in a liquid or encapsulated form by the patient a day before the angiography is to take place. However the side-effect of these ingested forms is, it turns, not only the blood, but the patient’s whole body tissues a yellowy-orangey colour for two to three days.

On Friday 28th March 2003 for the Time Share two-days exhibition at the London Bargehouse, exhibitor Colin Guillemet has ingested one fluorescein capsule in the afternoon and had the colour of his skin turning into a shade of orange for the duration of the exhibition. The effects of the dye were still visible at 6.00pm on Sunday 30th March, time at which the exhibition finished.

In addition to the performance, a CCTV camera and monitor have been installed in his allocated exhibition space. The camera was connected to a chroma controller..

The colour range of the image had been turned slightly towards the blue in order to counter-balance the effect of the fluorescein dye. Every visitor in the room appeared a strange shade of blue..."