Untitled (leaving on a jet plane)

Action/event, Cabaret der Ku?nstler Manifesta 11,
duration 5-10 sec approx., 2016.

Scheduled specifically to be the very last event of Manifesta 11 and to happen on the day the Cabaret Voltaire was finally back to normal after acting as hosting venue for the Zunft der Ku?nste
event program; the event was a joint venture between Michaël Bischof, airline pilot and myself.

Mr Bischof threw a paper plane across the space of the Cabaret Voltaire (and into the adjoining bar), while I played an E-major chord on the piano; the flight of the paper plane and the resonating chord being in perfect synchronicity as if one was sustaining the other.

It is the same E-major which conclude A day in the life by the Beatles and thus, also acts as the final dot of their circus-themed Sgt Pepper’s lonely hearts club band.

The event was thought of as bundle of different simultaneities: a specific calendar date, a material phenomenon and a resonating sound.