Video projected text, dimensions variable, 7 mn, 2016.

Whiteout is a text work intended for video projection. The text is projected as subtitles to a screen, appropriating the white wall (untouched from previous usage) as a visual, cinematic space.

The text itself is a transcript from a famous viral youtube clip; a video of a man overcome with emotions and metaphysical questions while witnessing a double rainbow in Yosemite national park.
The word “rainbow” has been here omitted from the text, recontextualising its content to the exhibition space; the subtitles acting now as stage directions to the viewer looking at the very wall the text is projected on.

Whiteout was presented alongside Brightness Cuts (nb: in the exhibition of the same name at Kunsthalle Waedenswil), echoing the use of projection with regards to the exhibition space of the other work.